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What is our AFSA Seal of Approval?

What is our AFSA Seal of Approval?

Each year South Africans spend millions of Rands on consumer products marketed for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, bedding, emollients, natural nasal sprays and more, are advertised as the ideal choice to help combat allergic reactions and prevent allergen accumulation. In some cases the promised benefits are not supported by scientific proof or validation.

With allergic reactions increasing worldwide at an alarming rate, this market continues to grow as a result of consumer demand. However, there is currently little or no regulation governing any claims made. Some suppliers make unsubstantiated claims of a wide variety of benefits and suitability for asthma and allergy sufferers; the ability to prevent allergen accumulation, and in extreme cases, promising improved health.

To assist the consumer to make an informed purchase, in 2017 the AFSA Allergy Seal of Approval Programme was created by allergy experts and the non-profit company the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. The Certification Programme identifies consumer products that are more suitable for the 19+ million people in South Africa living with asthma and allergies.

Products bearing the AFSA Allergy Seal of Approval means that the product has been shown to be efficient at reducing environmental allergens or the products have significantly reduced allergen or chemical content in accordance with the AFSA Certification Requirements, either by verifiable proof of such testing being supplied to AFSA, or scientific testing being performed by AFSA and to which the AFSA has lawfully issued a Certificate of Approval.

Other products that may qualify for our ‘Seal of Approval’ are bed cleaners, carpet cleaners, cleaning products, dehumidifiers, flooring, infant care products, laundry appliances, mattresses, paint and varnishes, personal care products, steam appliances cleaners.

The AFSA Allergy Seal of Approval allows the consumer to make a purchase with confidence.

Please see our AFSA approved product list.  If you would like to apply to have your product screened for our Seal of Approval, please contact Lynn at or contact 081 405 8442.


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