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On the 6 February 2017, Western Cape Education Department sent out a circular to all Western Cape Schools supporting our ‘Allergy in Schools Policy’. We really hoped for the national roll out to follow that but to no avail. Many schools have been enquiring about training and actions plans. Action Plans and Discussion documents relating to the circular can be found here.

Brief summary of the “Allergies in schools” policy

The policy aims to:

  • Establish a chronic illness action committee at every school.
  • Ensure every child with a chronic health condition is identified and has both a chronic care plan and an emergency treatment plan, signed by their doctor and including a photo ID.
  • Implement measures to reduce exposure to exacerbating factors for those at risk.
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of emergency medication.
  • Staff training in identification and treatment of severe health emergencies.

Please view our allergies in schools policy.