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Unraveling the Complexity of Chronic Urticaria

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Urticaria/Hives

Unraveling the Complexity of Physical Urticaria: A Call for Understanding and Participation
Urticaria can occur in different forms. Chronic urticaria induced by physical stimuli, such as rubbing or pressure on the skin, or environmental triggers like the cold may represent unique challenges. In this article, we compare these variants with normal urticaria and provide valuable insights into the ongoing efforts to find effective treatments.

1. Chronic Urticaria Induced by Physical and Environmental Stimuli

Chronic urticaria is a skin condition marked by persistent hives that last for more than six weeks. This may be associated with swelling of the face or hands and feet. For some individuals, these hives are triggered by physical stimuli like rubbing or pressure, or environmental factors such as exposure to the cold, sunlight or even water. Understanding these specific triggers is crucial in developing targeted management strategies for affected individuals.

2. Comparing Chronic Urticaria Variants

While regular urticaria can be triggered by a variety of factors, including allergies, medications, and stress, chronic urticaria induced by physical or environmental stimuli presents a distinct challenge. The triggers are specific and can significantly impact daily life, requiring tailored approaches to symptom management.

3. Management and Treatment Strategies

Managing chronic urticaria involves identifying and avoiding triggers, along with the use of antihistamines and other medications. However, for those with physical or cold-induced urticaria, additional precautions, such as avoiding friction or maintaining warmth, are necessary to minimize flare-ups. Personalised treatment plans are essential for effective symptom control.

4. Bridging the Gap: Clinical Trial Opportunity

For those grappling with chronic urticaria induced by environmental stimuli, there is hope on the horizon. We have launched a nationwide search for six participants to be part of a clinical trial testing an investigational treatment for this debilitating condition. If you have been diagnosed with cold urticaria, are over 18, and are willing to keep a symptom diary, contact us at AFSA – or the UCT Lung Institute on 021 406 6889 or We’ll direct you to an urticaria care clinic closest to you.

5. Join the Movement:

#ChronicHives #CIndU #CureUrticaria

By participating in the clinical trial, you become a vital part of the movement to bridge the gap in urticaria research and work towards finding a cure. Share your journey on social media using #ChronicHives #CIndU #CureUrticaria to raise awareness and connect with others facing similar challenges.
In conclusion, as we strive to understand and address the complexities of chronic urticaria, your participation in the clinical trial can contribute to groundbreaking advancements. Together, we can make strides towards finding effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure.



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