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Home / Baby’s and Beyond 1 June 2023 – AfriSpacer launches in SA

Baby’s and Beyond 1 June 2023 – AfriSpacer launches in SA

AfriSpacerTM launches in SA. A revolutionary new device called the AfriSpacerTM, which makes inhalation of medication from an asthma pump easier and far more effective, has been launched in South Africa by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa AFSA . “It is conservatively estimated that 80% of asthma deaths could be prevented with better treatment,” says Professor Michael Levin, CEO of AFSA, and Head of the Paediatric Asthma and Allergy Division at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. “It is for this reason that we are so excited to be launching the AfriSpacerTM into the market, and to be able to sell the units at a far lower cost than other commercially available spacers.” Professor Levin explains that when using an asthma pump metered dose inhaler without a spacer, most of the spray hits the back of the throat, with only 9% of the medication actually reaching the lungs. “The AfriSpacerTM is a device that slows the speed of the spray from an asthma pump and successfully directs more medication into the lungs. Using the AfriSpacerTM allows 1.7 times more medicine to reach the lungs making it more effective than a home nebuliser, or dry powder inhaler.” The AfriSpacerTM is available to buy at national DisChem, Spar Pharmacies, Local Choice Pharmacies, Alphen Wholesaler Pharmacies, and on the AFSA website.

Click the link to view the PDF here


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