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Thomas and the Trumpet

Thomas is a typical, adventurous boy who loves to explore and discover new things.  One day his world changes forever when he is diagnosed with asthma.

What does this mean for Thomas?
Can he still have dreams and goals?
Can he still go on crazy adventures?

Most importantly, what about his plans for Granddad’s trumpet?

This picture book aims to educate young children about the truths and myths of asthma.  It explains how anyone with asthma can live a normal and exciting life.

About Us

The Children’s Book Company Murray & Me was established in 2015.  Our focus is to write and publish quality South African picture books that

  • celebrate language
  • cultivate a love for reading
  • and spark conversation between parents and children about life skills and values.

Our books are initially written in Afrikaans and are then translated into Braille and English as and when

About Milan

Milan Murray is a well-known actor and TV personality in South Africa.  She trained in Pretoria and New York, and has worked in television and theatre for 18 years.

About Charmaine

Charmaine Nolte is an entrepreneur and the key-founder of the children’s book company Murray&Me. With over 10 years’ experience in online retail, her vision to produce quality children’s books led to the birth of the Murray&Me idiom series.