Salex SSR, once made up, contains the same ingredients at the same concentration as Salex Saline Nasal Sprays, except it is preservative free. Using a saline rinse ensures the deep-penetrating decongestion of the nasal passages as well as the sinuses.
Although Salex SSR has been developed for the treatment and prevention of extreme sinus conditions, it is also ideal for daily use to prevent allergen build-up and to clear out the sinuses. It is non-addictive, isotonic and does not induce drowsiness. Salex SSR is often used and recommended post operatively by ENTs for cleaning out the sinuses and removing any dried blood.
Salex SSR is non-addictive and has been approved by Drug Free Sport SA for safe use by sports men and women.
Salex SSR is safe for use during pregnancy and breast feeding. Recommended for use from 12 years to Adults.