• A treatment cream that performs a progressive keratomodulating action and favours restoration of natural moisturisation levels. Can be used as a complementary aid to dermatological therapies, also those for conditions involving chronic desquamation with plaques (psoriasis).
  • Well-tolerated, creamy cleansing base suitable to wash body and hair. Lowly foaming, thus lowly delipidising, ensures a lower risk of triggering skin or eye irritation.
  • A smooth and creamy paste with soothing and emollient properties. It protects the skin and prevents redness, irritation and cracks. This ointment base is composed of 25% zinc oxide and 25% corn starch to soften and to relax the skin. It is also recommended for new-born and children’s skin.
  • Moisturising base cream developed to include a high content of lipids to provide an intense emollient effect. The formulation has been developed to include a low number of ingredients to make it particularly suitable for very sensitive skin, such as that of new-borns and children, to minimise skin irritation and reactions.
  • High-tolerability wash specifically developed for the daily cleansing of babies and kids. Its particular formulation makes it suitable to cleanse dry and irritated skin as well. Washes skin gently without altering its hydrolipid film, leaving skin soft and hydrated.
  • Based on a high percentage of zinc oxide (20%), effectively soothes and protects from all kinds of skin irritation. With a soft texture that is easy to spread, forms a barrier on skin to counter skin maceration and damage by any irritant.
  • A moisturising cream with soothing ingredients recommended for the skin of new-borns and children. Relieves discomfort caused by skin dryness. Its high tolerability allows to use it in new-borns right after birth.
  • Soothing oil developed to relieve itch caused by dermatitis and eczema and favour skin repair and defence processes thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E and the zanthoxylum extract included. Effectively counters skin redness and dryness.

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