Probiotic Reduces Crying Time in Colicky Infants

Can anything help colic?

The word colic is associated with exhaustion, anxiety and helplessness for many parents.  Colic is actually defined as crying for more than three hours, for three or more days per week over a period of three weeks or greater.  Crying is often worse in the evenings but may occur at any point in the day. It typically occurs around 6 weeks of age and resolves by 6 months of age.  Studies suggest that between 10-40% of babies experience colic.

There are many theories about what causes colic- most centre around gut maturation.  Although uncommon there are a few more serious medical conditions that lead to excessive crying.  Parents should seek medical care if there is associated fever, swelling of the tummy, bloody stools or poor growth or feeding.

Colic may cause significant emotional distress in parents and may compound post-partum depression.  There have been many proposed colic remedies but unfortunately many of these have limited scientific data to show that they are truly effective.  Probiotics are in the focus as potential treatment for many different medical conditions, could they provide some relief in infant colic?   Learn more about how Probiotic Reduces Crying Time in Colicky Infants.