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Ampath Laboratories

Atopic eczema is a common, chronic, itchy skin rash that tends to affect people with other allergies like hay fever and asthma (see atopic eczema).

Wet wraps or wet dressing is used to treat severe atopic eczema or severe flares. They can also be used to prevent itching, especially at night and to avoid using steroids if applied early enough in a flare-up. Wet wraps can be easily applied at home after you have been taught how to use them.

  • Use aqueous cream, paraffin oil or an emollient as a soap substitute.
  • Use an emollient every day … as often as is possible, to keep the skin moist.
  • Steroid ointments must be used when there is a flare. During a flare the skin is being damaged by the eczema and the steroid ointment will prevent that damage.
  • Once a flare is under control a lower strength ointment should be used and then slowly reduced until it can be stopped and just the emollient continued.
  • Wet wraps can be done with steroid ointments and emollients during a flare and with the emollient alone when the skin is not flaring.
  • Wet wraps can be done with commercially available cotton clothes, or with home-made wraps made from stockinette bandage.