Allergy Alive

Allergy alive
is a Patient Advocacy Non-Profit organisation representing South Africans affected by severe Allergic Disorders. They aim to make all sectors of the community: governmental, educational, food manufacturers, food retailers, restaurant outlets and informal medical sectors aware of this very real problem. To address the challenges of the disorder itself and how these are exacerbated in a South African context, Allergy Alive is seeking collaborative partnerships to drive and realise this vision.


Their priorities are:

  • Funding for Food Allergy Research
  • School Allergy Policy and Guidelines
  • In-Service Training in Schools
  • Nursing Services in Schools
  • Student Body Presentations
  • School Access to Epinephrine
  • Learners access to Emergency and Support Medication
  • Training School Responders in Emergency Allergy Treatment
  • School Access to Epinephrine
  • Awareness Building Campaigns
  • Creation of Video, Books and Media to increase awareness
  • Gathering of Reliable Allergy Statistics
  • Food Labelling
  • Creating a Network of Resources.
  • Restaurant Accommodation & Training
  • Emergency Services Training & Supply
  • Safe Airline Travel for Allergic Passengers
  • Regulatory Engagement
  • Allergen Thresholds in Foods
  • Preventive Controls in Food Processing
  • Collaborating with International Patient Advocacy Organizations

Strategic approach:

Allergy Alive will achieve its’ mission by:

  • Providing a platform for people to mobilise and organise around the rights of those inflicted with severe allergic disease.

Strategic objectives:

The objectives of Allergy Alive are outlined as follows:

  • To seek a leadership role in shaping the direction of public advocacy on related issues and initiatives in the fields of research, education; recreation; treatment and legislation.
  • To create an open public forum for new ideas and latest innovations in the quality of life, healing and treatment of those living with allergic disease.
  • To partner with local and international groups, corporates and organisations committed to improving and saving the lives of those affected by severe allergic disease.
  • To provide practical information and access of reliable and validated allergy information and tools to families, patients, parents, healthcare providers, policy makers and others.
  • To work with policy makers at all levels of government on initiatives and laws focused on making the world safer for the allergic community.
  • Supporting families’ who manage food allergies and educating those who care for allergic children.
  • To build awareness across cultural, racial and religious groups in South Africa.


  • To ensure that every person living with severe allergic disease has access to quality comprehensive prevention, protection, and treatment services so as to live a healthy, productive and safe life without limits.

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