AllerguardTM  Allergy Nasal Spray with Ectoin and Natural Sea Salt

Ectoin®  – forms a calming barrier in the nasal mucosa.
Preventing any further airborne allergens to enter the nasal mucosa.

Natural Sea Salt (saline) – Sea Salt solution cleans and irrigates the nose,
Helping to remove the allergic pollen from the nose

Ectoin® is regarded as an extremolyte, a natural compound from extremophiles (microorganisms that thrive under extreme environmental conditions) that has been adapted for versatile applications.

Ectoin® is an organic osmolyte derived from these extremophilic microorganism that has a unique application as a cell protectant and protein-free stabilizer of proteins and cells.



  1. Gail Coltman

    My pead prescribed Allerguard for my 6 month old baby 2018/08/28, I used it the evening, spraying ones in each nostril, we continued using it the next morning, however we noticed that his soft spot on the top of his head was swelling with a noticeable bump, as a first time mom this was scary.

    I read the pamphlet for the side effects and it said that none was reported. I stopped the use of the nose spray and the swelling went down and the bump now disappeared. According to health professionals the swelling of the soft spot is dangerous, is the product safe for the use of infants.

    The Allerguard cost me R145.00 which is alot of money for something I cannot use.

  2. Allergy Foundation

    Hi Gail. I”m sorry for your experience. I have passed your message on to Inova for comment. Thanks

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